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Take the next step in your guitar journey with bespoke lessons from a seasoned teacher, performer and recording artist.

Online and Face-to-Face Lessons

Lessons are available both remotely online and in person at Jonny’s home studio in Edgeley, Stockport.

Whether you want to learn Pop, Rock, Blues, folk, Country, or delve into a variety of styles - I can give you the right pathway to guide you on that journey.

Say goodbye to bad habits, dead ends and an end to confusion.

  • Available online and in person (Edgeley, Stockport)

  • Learn step by step at your own pace

  • Structured program from beginner to advanced

  • Receive specific practice goals to improve your playing

£17.50per 30 mins
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Jonny Ball teaching guitar

A structured guitar program from beginner to advanced, tailored to your needs

I’m genuinely proud of the learning pathway I have crafted, using my experience both as a performer/recording artist in the industry, and the many THOUSANDS of hours spent teaching and refining guitar resources over the years. My dream is to share this with as many people as I can, and to make a difference in people's lives by helping them to fulfil their musical hopes and dreams!

What People Say

Don't just take it from me, here's what my current and former students have to say:


£17.50per 30 minsBook Now

Improve your guitar playing with a teacher that understands your needs

I’ve been round the block in regards to guitar education and I understand how difficult it can be to learn from random Youtube videos, poorly structured online courses or 1-1 lessons from disinterested teachers that only care about being on stage. (you’re not alone!) So if you’re stuck in a rut, I think I can help you.

I really DO care and am passionate about music education. So let’s book in and see how I can help you unlock your potential!

Coming Soon: subscribe to the Jonny Ball Guitar Beginner's Course

We are extremely excited to announce the development of the JonnyBallGuitar beginner course. A unique, step by step structured and in depth course designed to guide any beginner through to the intermediate level! Stay tuned and sign up to receive updates

It's never too late to begin your personal guitar journey

Learn guitar with Jonny Ball
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